Research Finance can help you determine the cost of hiring a

Canada Goose Parka 1. The federal Reserve have been increasing the interested rate slowly and trying to get the rate back to a more normal level. We are not there yet but any increase of rates have tremendous impact on the market. When Research Finance receives that notification, the PI will receive a letter informing them of the grant number and the budget. You will also be assigned a staff member in the Office to support you throughout your grant.Hiring Students for ResearchThere are a variety of forms that are required when hiring a student or non student and as for completing the process to ensure that they are paid.The complete list of information is found on the page Grant Funded Research Personnel on the Research Innovation website.In accordance with CRA rules, students working on research grants are paid as an employee (with deductions for taxes, CPP, and EI, etc.), not via scholarship.Research Finance can help you determine the cost of hiring a student when considering the cost of benefits (employer’s amount of payroll taxes). As a general rule, basic benefits that will be charged to the grant are charged at approximately 10%.. Canada Goose Parka

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