The drum wednesday november 26th 2013

The drum wednesday november 26th 2013

The drummer and drums have been busy this week! Last week the band was playing their latest album and recording the new songs. They are also busy performing the first live video they have ever created and are also on tour the US with the new album that카지노 사이트 I have been preparing for you all for a couple of weeks now. So keep an eye out and get ready for a good live show!

What are your plans for 2016?!

It will be more work but our first ever gig at the Bowery Bowl was amazing. We made a big hit playing there, and then played the following year at the Grammys. It was awesome, but then the band was in the middle of a tour and I had to play another show so we only had the show the week prior. So that was tough!

With everything coming up, how are you planning to spend your time this year?

I am going to enjoy getting my mind off what’s to come as much as it will make me feel better about my old age! I’m trying to write songs again for a while so I am hoping to get a few of them ready for release this year. I don’t know when, but we are going to start writing songs, but that’s a secret for now.

Do you have any pl예스카지노ans of attending Lollapalooza in 2017?

This year I am still unsure of my options because I am unsure about when. I’m pretty much going to just play and enjoy this summer to the best of my abilities. If I don’t play in 2017, I don’t want to miss it and I am already preparing for 2017! So far I have not really had to plan anything but the band is plan우리카지노ning on going to Austin, TX and will head there next weekend to play some shows. We plan to make a trip of around a month between now and the festival.

Thank you very much,


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