Nato admits civilians killed in afghan airstrike have been «extremely difficult» to confirm

Nato admits civilians killed in afghan airstrike have been «extremely difficult» to confirm. «They have told us that they are suffering greatly,» he said. The Nato secretary general said it was impossible to determine with certainty what role civilians were playing in the operation. NATO said on Thursday it suspected that several hundred people were killed but that could not be confirmed.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Russian troops stand guard near the Bagram air base in Afghanistan’s south-east, before leaving in this November 2014 file photo. Photograph: Mikhail Metzel/AFP/Getty Images

The US defence secretary, Ashton Carter, said Russian President Vladimir Putin had «no doubt» that the Taliban’s leadership had killed «hundreds» of Afghan civilians in the battle for Bagram. «I hope that we learn as much as possible from what Russia has revealed with regard to the precise nature of the attacks and those responsible,» he told the New York Times on Thursday. The Pentagon, which has been under pressure from lawmakers to declassify details of the strike from the Russian Ministry of Defence, said on Wednesday that no Americans had been killed but would continue to investigate further. Carter said US intelligence officials had gathered «very, very high confidence» that Russia was the cause of the attack.

A military spokesperson said it was still too early to know the exact nature of the attack. On Thursday morning, however, there were reports in Afghanistan that Russia may have been involved in the firefight that killed nearly 1,000 Afghan National Army soldiers.

Speaking from Moscow, Defence Minister Valeri Nasvidzhanov said Russia had no direct involvement in Thursday’s attack. He added: «I must say it again that it is impossible to attribute the loss of lives in this [Afghan] town to the coalition airstrike.»
Nasvidzhanov said the attack on the military compound did not come as a surprise, but rather that the local population could not understand why Nato forces we더킹카지노re sending the troops off to the south-east, after the military had previously said no air strikes were necessary.

But there were indications on Thursday that more troops from NATO’s eastern alliance, Poland, were arriving in Kabul on a second deployment to help train Afghan forces. The Polish foreign ministry also said some Polish staff members had arrived to help in Afghan government forces, and were working with Afghan government forces. The arrival of Nato reinforcements from the east could pave the way for the US to카지노 사이트 send some 300 more soldiers to the battle-ravaged country in coming weeks.

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